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Name Tattoos

March 17, 2015

Back Tattoos

Tattoos – not least of all back tattoos, often make a statement that is not only fashionable, but one that has a deep meaning. For those individuals that love tattoos, these works of art are considered to be a thing of great beauty.

It is no secret that a huge amount of thought as well as research goes into the decision-making when choosing a tattoo, especially as it displays an art-form in such a prominent mode.

Back tattoos:

  • The back as well as the neck is an excellent spot for showcasing really pretty and interesting tattoos.
  • Back of neck tattoos can prove to be especially charming; not only is this space convenient for the tattoo artist, but it does not hurt as much during the tattooing process.
  • Tattooing the back has been a predominantly male art-form until recent times.
  •  Males that are tattoo enthusiasts often choose the back as these can include striking pieces of art consisting of a variety of designs and colour.
  • Historically males have co mprised the majority of tattoos but this is fast changing and has been a high fashion item for both women and men since the 1990’s.

Previously women with tattoos were looked down upon, but in today’s world the rich and famous sport these tattoos with gay abandon. Low jeans and crop tops lend themselves to lower back tattoos and although there are males that sport lower back tattoos – these are not commonly first choice amongst men.

Alain Reymond

My name is Alain Reymond, and for those not in the know, I have been executing fine art in the form of tattoos for the past forty years with decades of experience under my hat.