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June 19, 2014

How to Choose the Right Tattoo

Perhaps it is not so much a case of what the best practices are for choosing a tattoo, but settling for a tattoo artist with an excellent track record and many years’ experience under his or her belt which will guarantee your art-work is undertaken with great professionalism and care.

If you are keen to mark the date indelibly of an auspicious occasion; whether it is the birth of your child or the day you met the love of your life, or perhaps you simply fell in love with Paris or New York, then it might be a fantastic and original idea to mark the occasion with a tattoo; not an uncommon practice in today’s modern world.

Settling for just the right tattoo is as diverse as the types of food that people like to eat – in other words – selecting a tattoo is a personal yet individual choice that differs from one individual to the next, and is a matter of taste.

The type of tattoo one settles for in the end depends largely on the part of the body that the art-work will be carried out on.

Ask yourself these questions once you have decided to take the brave step of having a tattoo done, especially if it’s your first time:

  1. Which part of your body would you like to have your tattoo; is it going to be your arm, chest, back, neck, ankle, leg, head or any other part of your anatomy?
  2. A lot of thought needs to go into choosing your tattoo design to avoid tears later on.
  3. Do you want your tattoo to be in colour or would you prefer the masterpiece in black and white?
  4. Do you have a high pain threshold – this will often determine whether the tattoo is going to be large or small.
  5. Remember that the after-care of any skin treatment (including tattooing) will ensure your tattoo turns out really well.
  6. Does your place of employment allow tattoos to show outside your clothes? You need to consider this, too, especially if you work in the corporate environment.

Best practices for choosing your tattoo depends on professionalism, excellent, thorough choices and an artist who knows what he’s about.

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Alain Reymond

My name is Alain Reymond, and for those not in the know, I have been executing fine art in the form of tattoos for the past forty years with decades of experience under my hat.

Comments (2)
  • July 20, 2014

    rethabile malaka

    i want my tatoo on my fore arm.. im gonna work in the corporate world.. it shouldnt affect me since we wear long sleeved shirts all the time right??

    • September 10, 2014

      Alain Reymond

      Hi Rethabile, forearm tattoos are easily coverable. However, tattoo’s are no longer ‘taboo’ and there are many professionals in the corporate, medical and other services who have many tattoos. Please give me a call to set up a consultation : 082 448 0716