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Back Tattoos

August 4, 2014

You Don’t Have To Appear In the Hall of Fame to Enjoy Your Tattoos

Tattoos for men – tattoos for women – in fact all tattoos are those very personal messages and reminders that women and men from across the board choose to mark an occasion in ink to ensure that a date, a memorable moment in time, a prayer or similar is never to be forgotten.

But you don’t have to appear in the Tattoo Hall of Fame in New York to enjoy your ink art. Tattoos for men have gained huge popularity and particularly with the current FIFA World Cup Soccer tournament taking place in Brazil it is all too apparent that these young stars take their tattooing rather seriously and to greater heights.

David Beckham was perhaps one of the first sports stars to show off fantastic tattoos and is conceivably responsible for putting modern-day tattoos for men on the map. But tattooing of famous footballers certainly no longer begins and ends with David Beckham.

World Cup Football players in 2014 and their tattoos:

  • One of the most decorated football players of the US team, Tim Howard comprises pictures of his children, Superman and the outline of New Jersey.
  • Tim Cahill who represents Australia enjoys tattooing all his family members on his body.
  • The captain of the Danish team, Daniel Aggers is (believe it or not) a tattoo artist by trade! And as one can imagine, little space is left for more ink art on his body.
  • Darijo Srna of Croatia dedicates all his goals to his brother whose name he has tattooed across his chest and who has Down’s syndrome.
  • Angel di Maria of Argentina has inked a phrase in Spanish on his left underarm.
  • A splendid red dragon tattooed on the back of Zlatan Ibrahimovic is quite spectacular depicting his personality traits.
  • Sergio Ramos’ body is covered from head to toe in stunning ink art; some of these mark the dates of the 9/11 and 3/11 terrorist attacks in the US and Madrid.
  • Clint Dempsey who plays for the US has a tattoo of the state of Texas outlined in honour of his home-town.

If you are looking for awesome tattoos for men, do your research thoroughly before settling for your design as these are permanent art pieces and cannot be removed easily without great pain and even greater expense. Visit a tattoo salon, view the artist’s portfolio and take from there before deciding.

Alain Reymond

My name is Alain Reymond, and for those not in the know, I have been executing fine art in the form of tattoos for the past forty years with decades of experience under my hat.