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April 6, 2015

Tattoos Are Forever, So Think Before You Ink

It is no secret that tattoos have become a high fashion item – sports stars are having them done, the rich and famous are as well – as a matter of fact everyone in today’s contemporary society are having them done; therefore you will be left out if you don’t have one done too.

But take note and remember that tattoos are meant to be a long-term investment, therefore choosing well from the outset is of paramount importance and will prevent the issue of removing or covering up an unwanted tattoo at a later stage; as the old adage goes, prevention is always far better than cure. When selecting your magnum opus you need to think about this carefully and never have one done ad-hoc or on a whim. Being influenced by your friends or when you are infatuated by someone or something spurring you on to make a snap decision is perhaps not the best time to decide on having your everlasting body art done.

Bear in mind, too that tattoos are no dissimilar to getting a kitten or a puppy – once you have one it is a permanent fixture in your life!

But what is a tattoo exactly, how does it work, where can you have one done professionally, does it hurt and will you become infected if you, too, join the fashionistas with a tattoo or two?


  • Tattooing is the puncturing of the skin in the pattern desired and rubbing in colouring material (only the best ink is used in our professional studio to ensure your tattoo is of the finest quality); this method is used so that the pattern can to be indelibly fixed.

Some interesting facts about tattoos you most probably did not know:

  • In New Zealand the Maoris brought tattooing to a very high art form and the elaborate patterns with which they adorned their faces were executed with superb workmanship and taste.
  • In China, Borneo, India as well as numerous parts of the Far East, tattooing is customary.
  • Tattooing was first introduced into Europe by sailors of ancient times traversing the oceans.
  • Arms, legs as well as the face and head are all perfect surfaces for tattooing and decoration.

Remember that tattooing is a permanent fixture therefore should be chosen with care and thought – removing or covering up an unwanted tattoo is possible, but only through medical professionals, which is not only painful but expensive – think before you ink.

Alain Reymond

My name is Alain Reymond, and for those not in the know, I have been executing fine art in the form of tattoos for the past forty years with decades of experience under my hat.